300by300_Future-Kulture_logoFuture Kulture is a youth association based in Copenhagen Denmark, which was started in 1994. Since 1996, Future Kulture has organized activities locally in Denmark and on a European basis through the Ministry of Education and the youth program within the fields of sports, music, and cultural exchange.

Many of the activities organized by Future Kulture deal with street activities and target at risk youth and street groups. Some of the local activities organized were, Street Games, Unity Cup, Fælledparken Søndags, DUNK, and many other sports related activities.

Over the last ten years, Future Kulture has created some of the more extensive youth based exchanges under the European Youth programme. Some of the programs which have organized or attended by Future Kulture have been; Youth Cultural Conference (YCC), Youth Conference Slovenia (YCS), European Youth Network (EYN), Transport Exchange, Istanbul Play list Festival (IPLF), and Create your Own Destiny (CYOD). Youth throughout Denmark have participated in these program and benefited from the connection with their European peers which have make possible their non-formal education and a education regimen which are influenced by their motivations and inspiration.

Future Kulture has organized many multilateral youth exchange programs in order to bring European youth together to learn about each other’s cultural habits, rituals, and daily life styles. Many of these activities have strengthened the bonds between the emerging European community, and the European experiment of coercion now in experimentation throughout Europe.

Future Kulture’s goals are to support the European community and promote the larger goals of the European Commission. We look forward in meeting new friends and starting new programs together to enrich our kids and yours.

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